onsdag 23 juli 2014

OEF CD with all orders!

Got a bunch of the "OEF 2014 CD" from when we played the Festival last weekend. So if you order someting from us you will get one for free. (We have 30 pieces of plastic, so the 30 first orders from now will get one)
We have one song on it and you also get songs from bands like: Brutal Truth, Eyehategod, Wehermacht, Master, Raw Power, Cripple Bastards and many more.
For sale we still have:
-"Face Of Doom" cassette/7"
-"Suffer The Pain/Bombs Of Hades" split cassette/7"
-And a few T-shirts left
.. and also get a pin and a sticker with all orders like always
Send orders to: suffersatanikpain1988@gmail.com

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