söndag 6 maj 2012

The second recording went great!

10 new songs recorded, only some mixing left. 3 songs for the upcoming Suffer The Pain / Bombs Of Hades split 7" and the rest for a new Cassette. Will post a video from the recording session in a few days with some new tunes you can listen to while you look at our ugly faces

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hey guys, that's great!!! When will the stuff come out, can you say already something about it, and will both releases come to happen?!? I really hope so!!! Damn it, I'm fucking curious about it, can't wait for the new stuff of you!!! Please keep me informed how and when the new stuff of you will be finally released!!! Cheers!!!
    - Manslaughter Andy

    1. Hi Andy!
      Yes both releases will happend and we are going to order the cassette this week (so the cassette will be released in a month I think) and hope that the split 7" will be released this fall. Cheers / Stefan