fredag 21 mars 2014

Review from Nightstick Justice

Review on "Face Of Doom" from Nightstick Justice;

"Suffer The Pain unleashes their new tape (also out soon as a 7" on Phobia Records) of pure metal punk madness. Like a bastard child of Motörhead, Discharge and Entombed they rip through five songs of raw and brilliant metal punk including a great cover of the Motörhead classic "Killed By Death". Quite fitting cover if I may say so. There is however some new stuff added, like the intro which reminds me a whole lot of Tragedy. That just adds to the already overall great feeling about this band though. Suffer The Pain is not reinventing the wheel, but like any band playing in the hardcore realm of music you need to have that feeling to create great music. Suffer The Pain certainly have that feeling. Great stuff!"

torsdag 20 mars 2014

Download "Face Of Doom"

Download the songs from our new Face Of Doom EP on our soundcloud page for free.
Order cassette here:
Pre-order 7"vinyl here:

tisdag 18 mars 2014

"Face Of Doom" is released! Listen to it!

Our EP "Face Of Doom" is now released on cassette by Krig Tejps, send orders to
And it will also be released on 7" vinyl by Phobia Records in April. But you can send your pre-order to now.
Listen to the songs on our bandcamp:

måndag 17 mars 2014