fredag 28 december 2018

Cheers for 2018

Great year for us, released Hellbound and did a few gigs. Next year will start with us heading for the studio to record a new record and if you want us to come and do a live show, get in contact! Skål /Suffer The Pain

söndag 11 november 2018

Punk for money?

We been getting this mail’s from labels and booking company’s through the years, but you can stop now! We don’t do this for money, at all! We are a punk/metal underground band. Do you play punk for money? fuck off! 

lördag 3 november 2018

Hellbound out on vinyl!

It is time! Hellbound is now released on vinyl 12”. And when you buy Hellbound from Phobia Records you get our first album Midnight Sacrifice for free (limited edition) here:…/PR-163-SUFFER-THE-PAIN-Hell…
Awesome deal! Cheers Mirek!
And if you don’t want a record for free you can buy only Hellbound 12” here:…/PR-163-SUFFER-THE-PAIN-Hell…
In cooperation w/ Anomie Records
Listen to Hellbound here (here can you also buy CD and cassette):
Recordstores/distro’s/what ever get in contact for wholesale prices
We direct all online orders to Phobia Records, if a swed buy from Phobia its the same postage as if you would buy from us, Post Nord är skit!
Skål! / Suffer The Pain
(Looks like we probably gonna play live soon also, more info about that later)

onsdag 19 september 2018

Hellbound merch!

Patch + sticker 30kr/3euro/3,5usdollar + postage (get in contact for postage prices)

måndag 3 september 2018

torsdag 23 augusti 2018

Hellbound on Vinyl!

News from Phobia Records
The vinyl version of our latest record Hellbound will be released in September 2018

onsdag 23 maj 2018

We Are The Living Dead

Our next release after Hellbound will be a cassette called ”We are the living Dead”. Will includ 3 ”new” tracks (that was supposed to be released on a split w/ Ashcloud), The Wicked One ( and The Death (our first demo from 2012).
The cassette will be released by Chainsaw Distro (
Release number :: CHNSWD030
Cheers! /Suffer The Pain

söndag 13 maj 2018

Great week for us!

A gig in Örebro and one in Västerås, thanks to everyone that came (in time haha). We had a great time, cheers! 
Next gig: ? (Get in contact)

måndag 7 maj 2018

Gig i Örebro på Onsdag!

Vi joinar Punk på tegelbruket, ses på Onsdag i Örebro!
andra band: Appäratus och Framfall

fredag 20 april 2018

söndag 15 april 2018

Looking for gigs!

We are looking for gigs for 2018, get in contact! Some gasoline money, food, beers and a place too sleep and we will come!

Lägg till bildtext

fredag 13 april 2018

Next gig @ Bankiren, Västerås

Next gig is in our hometown Västerås @ Bankiren w/ The Lurking Fear and Chaosphere (May 11)
Been 4 years since the last homegig, yeah

tisdag 27 februari 2018

lördag 27 januari 2018

lördag 20 januari 2018

You can now start to order Hellbound

Mail all orders to:
Hellbound will be released in one week, so now you can start to order the cassette and CD (vinyl later on Phobia Records and more)
Both Cd and cassette is 50kr/5euro/6dollar each + postage (free pin with every order)
Can listen to Hellbound here:

lördag 6 januari 2018

Listen to Hellbound and release date!

You can now stream our next release Hellbound on our Bandcamp page!
Release date for the CD, cassette and internet (spotify) will be 27 jan 2018. On Vinyl later by Phobia Records and more. 

torsdag 4 januari 2018

Tack o bock Charles och Sweden Rock Magazine!

Check out the first review of our upcoming release Hellbound, cheers! (In Swedish)
Will be released soon on CD, cassette and on the internet. Later on vinyl by Phobia Records and some more labels